Our Kickstarter Campaign Has Begun!

        We have launched the final push to completing and releasing the "In My Backyard" CD!  We are encouraging fan support to help fund the production and distribution of this project.  All of the information you need is on our official Kickstarter page except the design of the T-shirts, which can be seen on this page.  For those who haven't heard about Kickstarter, it is a website designed to raise funds for goods that are being produced.  They take "pledges" in exchange for products to be delivered after the campaign.  Buyers pledge during the campaign and pay at the end of the campaign.  Once the product is completed, they are shipped to the customer.  Kickstarter acts as the mediator to facilitate the transaction.  It's really simple, and it helps many people get their project to market!

       Below are the T-shirt designs to choose from.  We are trying to keep it as simple as possible!  We have the Solomon Grail T-Shirt with song titles, and the But A Soldier T-shirt with the willow tree logo.  Sizes and choices will be selected at the end of the campaign.


Official Kickstarter Links! - Preview and pre-order Solomon Grail music and merchandise!